Cycle Confidence

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Giving you all the tools and strategies you need to properly track your cycle, identify your fertile window, and use this info to either help you get pregnant or not get pregnant.

What you’re going to get:

  • Cycle 101 + intro to FAM
  • The 3 things you need to track to properly identify your fertile window and finally understand your cycle
  • Bonus intercourse timing training, birth control comparison chart and a $10 off code for my fave BBT thermometer

What are people saying…

This course helped me understand the basics of what my body is going through during differing phases of my cycle and why. It puts the power back into the woman’s hands about how to prevent or encourage pregnancy. I work as an L&D nurse and you would be amazed how little most health care professionals, let alone the general public, understand about the woman’s cycle and that hey! You actually don’t need a pill or IUD to prevent pregnancy if you’re armed with the right information. I would totally recommend this to my co workers and friends!

All women should take this course to learn more about their cycles. I loved how clearly and simply the information was explained. I’ve read so much about tracking your cycle to conceive and this course has taught me more than my years of research. I’m excited to see what tracking my temperature will show me about my cycle.

This course is the perfect start to learn all the things you need to know about naturally encouraging or preventing pregnancy. There are so many things I never knew about my cycle and crazy enough my husband is an OBGYN! I came here looking for more information on how to conceive and the fundamentals that Dr. Kelsey gives in this course have empowered me to do just that! This course is truly an amazing resource!